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6. Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongue.

Bethsheba Comment:
Crowley has left a clue to this riddle in the Tunisia diaries. Remove the 3 ‘my’ words to make the sentence impersonal, and also remove the ‘&’ which has no value, then treat the rest as a notariqon;
B + Th + H + S + C + H + T = 93.
My secret my heart & my tongue = 800.

Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongue!

The Djeridensis Comment
666 as Artist.
I am the Point of View (as of the artist) from which Nuit may be seen by all; for I am Her inmost thought, her sense, and her Voice.

Tunisia Diaries
In order to achieve this, The Beast, stripped of his human personality, becomes, feels & speaks in the character of the impersonal individual essence, which is common to all individuals alike.

The Old Comment
The recipient of this knowledge is to identify himself with Hadit, and thus fully express the thoughts of her heart in her very language.

The New Comment
Nuit formulates me as Hadit, especially in the three centres of consciousness of her Being. IN this way, for this purpose, I became the complement of Her.
These centres are those of Love, Life and language. Duality is the condition of all three. It will appear later how it is that None and Two are identical; they are distinct in our minds only because those minds are conscious, and therefore think of "two" as their own state. But the unconscious mind thinks Nothing, and is Nothing. Yet it is the same mind.
Nuith selects three centres of Her Body to become "Two" with Hadit; for she asks me to declare Her in these three. Infinite freedom, all-embracing, for physical Love; boundless continuity for Life; and the silent rhythm of the Stars for Language. These three conceptions are Her gift to us.