0 123 354 70 307 265 9 330 0 35 286 150 150 111 0
12. Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love.

Bethsheba Comment:
Recall from verse 3 that every man + every woman is a star. Therefore because under signifies subtraction, take O children from every man + every woman.
Come forth + every man + every woman - o children + fill of = 1110, which is 111 (love) x 10. In other words this is an instruction to magnify or multiply your love, possibly as a practical antidote to the demon Choronzon 333 [ChVRVNZVN] because when we break down the calculation into its elements;
Every man + every woman - o children = 333
Come + forth + fill + of = 777.

Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!

The Djeridensis Comment
The Nature of an Act: its virtue.
All acts are in truth acts of Love. Fulfil all Loves that may be, to the full. Be this in Light, before all Stars, that all may see and rejoice.

Tunisia Diaries
I exhort men to cease to hide themselves in the refuges which they have constructed in themselves from fear of facing reality. I bid them take cognisance of the existence of their fellow individuals to realise the infinite possibilities of experience open to them & to satisfy their sense that they are incomplete by uniting themselves with all other beings.

The Old Comment
The Key of the worship of Nu. The uniting of consciousness with infinite space by the exercise of love, pastoral or pagan love. But "vide infra."

The New Comment
The whole doctrine of 'love' is discussed in the Book "Aleph (Wisdom or Folly)" and should be studied therein. But note further how this Verse agrees with the comment above, how every Star is to come forth from its veils, that it may revel with the whole World of Stars. This is again also a call to unite or 'love', thus formulating the Equation 1 (-1) = 0 « The Hon. Bertrand Russell might prefer to write this: 1 (-1) = 0. For Initiates of the IXth degree of O.T.O. it could be expressed: Phi K - T = 0, where Phi - K = 0, and Phi and K are both positive integers. » , which is the general magical formula in our Cosmos.
"Come forth" – from what are you hiding? "under the stars", that is, openly. Also, let love be 'under' or 'unto' the Body of Nuith. But above all, be open! What is this shame? Is Love Hideous, that men should cover him with lies? Is Love so sacred that others must not intrude? Nay, 'under the stars', at night, what eye but theirs may see? Or, if one see, should not your worship wake the cloisters of his soul to echo sanctity for that so lovely a deed and gracious you have done?