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23. But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all.

Bethsheba Comment:
But whoso availeth in this = 419.
Note also that Ankh af na khonsu is 419.
Let him be the chief of all = 888 (by reversal cipher).
Cross reference with 1:7.

But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all!

The Djeridensis Comment
Understanding of this Mystery the Key to Chieftainship.
He is the chief of all who is not tricked into this trap of setting limits to things, by which he blasphemes each, and makes all false.

The Old Comment
The chief, then, is he who has destroyed this sense of duality.

The New Comment
This chief is of course no more or less than others. The limitations of our dualistic language obscure the meaning of these loftier Words. Chieftainship is to be understood as one of the illusions; but, in respect of that plane, a fact. The facts of Nature are perfectly true in so far as their mutual relation is concerned; their invalidity refers only to their total relation with the philosophical canon of Truth.
The word "all" is not to be taken as elliptical for "all men"; it means that such an one is completely master of his universe. For when one has become indifferent to phenomena, and accepts any one of them as necessary, indeed as an essential part of the whole, he has made himself Lord of the Whole as such. In fact, it is obvious on quite rational grounds that this must be the case. My discrimination between artichokes and arsenic puts me at the mercy of a million circumstances, from my cook to my wife.