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45. The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none.

Bethsheba Comment:
Perfect + Perfect + 1 + 2 = 777.
See Shematria for a list of correspondences, including the Three Columns (of the Seven Palaces), the Hebrew Days of the Week, the first verse of Ararita, names of the Gnostic mass, famous riddles in the Tanakh & NT, and multiple results from Liber Al vel Legis.

The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none!

The Djeridensis Comment
(45-48.) A Riddle concerning "The Perfect."
Nuit is moved by the word "perfect" to announce a Riddle wherein the Mystery "Nothing is Perfect" is proved by means of the Secret Wisdom of Letters and and Numbers: which Riddle I will expound in other writings.

The Old Comment
Perhaps means that adding perfection to perfection results in the unity and ultimately the Negativity.
But I think there is much more than this.

The New Comment
Here begins one of the characteristically difficult passages of this Book. The author, Aiwaz, is careful to identify Himself at intervals by such Speech. The interpretation, when thoroughly grasped, is invariably quite overwhelming by its simplicity. It is for this reason that this Book should be studied with all assiduity; at any moment the answer to your own deepest problem may be signalled to you from the Stars.