0 56 9 82 150 29 0
1. Nu! the hiding of Hadit.

Bethsheba Comment:
In the previous chapter Nuit has fully manifested, so we do not start with Nu (56) but Nu x 10.
560 - the hiding of Hadit = 290, which is Hadit x 10.
Alternatively, if we take the 700 from 1:1 then:
700 - 560 - hiding Hadit = 29.

Nu! the hiding of Hadit.

The Djeridensis Comment
Nu conceals Hadit, for she gives Form to That which is, shewing forth Its nature in all Ways that may be.

The Old Comment
"Cf." I. 1. As Had, the root of Hadit, is the manifestation of Nuit, so Nu, the root of Nuit, is the hiding of Hadit.

The New Comment
We see again set forth the complementary character of Nuith and Hadith. Nu conceals Had because He is Everywhere in the Infinite, and She manifests Him for the same reason. See verse 3. Every Individual manifests the Whole; and the Whole conceals every Individual. The Soul interprets the Universe; and the Universe veils the Soul. Nature understands Herself by becoming self-conscious in Her units; and the Consciousness loses its sense of separateness by dissolution in Her.
There has been much difficulty in the orthography (in sacred languages) of these names. Nu is clearly stated to be 56, ‪נו‬; but Had is only hinted obscurely. This matter is discussed later more fully; verses 15 and 16.
{WEH NOTE: "Hadit" is the spelling of "Bahadit" found on the Stele. This is unusual in that most Egyptian spelling of the period maintained the "Ba" prefix. Crowley adopted the spelling from the Stele, and it is common as well in Liber AL. This "Hadit" or "Bahadit" is the winged sun disk, used over the entrances of temple doorways, at the tops of stel and elsewhere in Egyptian art and architecture. Interestingly, the full name of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is Ra-Heru-Khuti-Ba-Hadi, Ra-Horus who flies into the disk of the sun. — information researched by Fr. Ebony. Liber AL was received during that part of the year in which Ra-Heru-Khuti-Ba-Hadi was said by the ancient Egyptians to rule the decan occupied by the Sun. It is not known if Crowley was aware of this particular deity being astrologically "on official watch" at the time.}