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47. Where I am these are not.

Where I am these are not.

The Djeridensis Comment
(46-47.) The Angel goes on to challenge me point blank as to my own soul. Failure, sorrow, and fear simply cannot exist in the presence of Hadit. His nature is to succeed, to rejoice, and to dare to cause event after event, sure of itself in any and every case.

The Old Comment
Hadit knows nothing of these things; He is pure ecstasy.

The New Comment
Hadit is everywhere; fear, sorrow, and failure are only 'shadows'. It is for this reason that compassion is absurd.
It may be objected that "shadows" exist after all; the "pink rats" of an alcoholic are not to be exorcised by 'Christian Science" methods. Very true – they are, in fact, necessary functions of our idea of the Universe in its dualistic 'shadow-show'. But they do not form any part of Hadit, who is beneath all conditions. And they are in a sense less real than their logical contradictories, because they are patently incompatible with the Changeless and Impersonal. They have their roots in conceptions involving change and personality. Strictly speaking, 'joy' is no less absurd than sorrow, with reference to Hadit; but from the standpoint of the individual, this is not the case. One's fear of death is removed by the knowledge that there is no such thing in reality; but one's joy in life is not affected.