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68. Harder! Hold up thyself! Lift thine head! breathe not so deep -- die.

Harder! Hold up thyself! Lift thine head! breathe not so deep — die!

The Djeridensis Comment
(61-68.) The scent of battle in my nostrils avails at least to awake my manhood, to arouse my Godhead within me. Throughout this chapter I had rebelled again and again against my Master; but now the darkness broke and fled. My True Self flamed up in me. I become one with Hadit; I entered into trance at once. A sudden light blazed in my eyes. Hadit arose within my heart; and on the instant I was thrilled with the love of Nuit. She came to me more swiftly than the light itself. My body was smitten by the kisses of the stars. When I breathed in, my flesh fell from me like rotten rags. I breathed out and felt a kiss swifter, more laughterful than death itself. Utter relief from all the deceits with which my brain had been blinded. I need not enter into detail of this trance. The text describes the facts better in every way than could be done in any other manner.

The Old Comment
(67-68.) So violently that the body of the prophet is nigh death.
(Harden, not Harder, as the MS. indicates. The memory of DCLXVI says, though with diffidence, that the former is correct.)

The New Comment
It is remarkable that this extraordinary Experience has practically no effect upon the normal consciousness of THe Beast. "Intoxicate the inmost, o my God" – and it was His Magical Self, 666, that was by this Ecstasy initiated. It needed years for this Light to dissolve the husks of accident that shrouded his True Seed.